Hello, friends! My name is Irina Egorova Acicularis. Here are the results of my work, to which I dedicate myself with great pleasure.

I live in Saint Petersburg (Russia). I have a close-knit family - a husband and twins Katyushka and Andryushka. I am a zoologist by education, and although I have not worked in my specialty for a long time, the profession has found its realization in creativity.

I make miniature dolls from wool using the needle felting technique. This site is mainly devoted to needle felting. Of course, in addition to the main technique, I use and invent other auxiliary techniques and use a variety of materials.

My favorite characters are insects. I have created a fantasy world in which tiny cheerful creatures play music and sing, play chess and take pictures, philosophize and dream of love. The pupae are small, only 5-6 cm in size.

My insect characters are endowed with dual traits, so let it not surprise you that they have human faces and only two pairs of limbs, but they have antennae and wings. I carefully work out the image of each doll: I look for prototypes from the world of insects and people and create a caricature, caricature, trying to achieve the maximum portrait resemblance to each of the prototypes

In addition to small insects , of course, you will find other animals in the "Gallery" section. All of them are united by one thing - irony and a sense of humor, that is, exactly what is so in demand by my viewers and what I really like. As a rule, all these toys are models for face-to-face group master classes that I conduct in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Since my passion for felting in 2008, I have been actively involved in public creative life. Over the years, she took part in exhibitions (“Time of Dolls”, “Art of the Doll”, “Fashionable Lyalka”, “Moscow Fair”, “TeddyWorld”, “Formula of Needlework”), festivals (“Festival of Felting Masters”, “Woolstival”) , conferences (NIADA, USA), published articles in magazines (“Puppet Master”, “My Moleskin”, “Mom’s Dad’s Journal”, etc.)

I am constantly developing as a master, I do not stand still, experimenting with wool, looking for new techniques, inventing techniques. I turn all my developments into master classes.

The time has come, and I launched a new project: master classes in video format, which will be especially appreciated by those who cannot attend face-to-face MK. You will find a variety of videos (simple and complex, short and long, free and paid) here, on my website in the "video lessons" section and in a separate online school, where you get access when you purchase a paid video course .

Fate gave me a happy opportunity to touch the world of puppet art, and I dedicate myself to creativity with great pleasure. I hope that with my modest contribution, more joy will be added to the world.